Castelli Hospital a year of commitment and passion

Castelli Hospital, a year of commitment and passion

It’s been a year since that Dec. 13 that saw a dream of the entire ASL Roma 6 and the entire territory come true: the opening of the Castelli Hospital’s. Twelve months of commitment and passion that, thanks to the professionalism, expertise and dedication of the providers, have produced great results in terms of organization, accuracy and rigor in taking care of patients. An experience that united minds and hearts for a great project.

In this first year, the hospital has grown exponentially

7 were carried out.000 hospitalizations, 40.000 visits to emergency rooms, 2.500 surgeries, 60.000 outpatient services, rising to 250.000 also considering laboratory testing, and 613 babies have been born.

Lazio Region's Councillor for Health and Sociomedical Integration, Alessio D'Amato

"Since the opening of the new health facility to date, we have seen an increase in all the services provided: from surgeries to inpatient stays, from outpatient services to the complexities treated," commented the Lazio Region's Councillor for Health and Social Health Integration, Alessio D'Amato -. Castelli Hospital is now an important reference point for the territory and for the regional emergency network. Further proof that Lazio's health care is back to successfully investing in territories and services.".

The general director of Asl Roma 6, Narcissus Mostarda

"Castelli Hospital, as well as the entire company and its professionals, have come a long way in the past year. This means," comments the general director of Asl Roma 6, Narcissus Mostarda – that the citizens of this quadrant of the province of Rome can rely with their eyes closed on this hospital. A hospital that travels at a significantly higher speed than the two former nosocomals of Albano and Genzano, starting with emergency room accesses.

The next goal will now be the activation of the'Hemodynamics and a first-level Stroke Unit. A hospital that, after having increased beds by 50 just a month ago, is already looking to the future, with a further increase in acute care beds: today we are at 206 and we expect to exceed 250, until we reach maximum capacity. It has been a tortuous path, but our professionals show confidence and great team spirit.

Operators and citizens today know that when we announce a project, we succeed in making it a reality".