Colds and flu in spring Let’s fight them with paracetamol

Colds and flu in spring? Let's fight them with paracetamol

Fighting the flu effectively

Influenza, it is known, knows no seasons, and even in spring, when temperatures rise and days are nicer, it can strike and leave millions of people bedridden for a few days with l’influenza. Cough, cold, bone pain are among the most well-known symptoms, an alarm bell that warns us that the fever is rising. The first thing to do without any hesitation is to call one's primary care physician who will direct us to the acquisition of medications to contain and counteract the flu itself in order to get back to full health as quickly as possible.

Paracetamol, rapid decongestant action on the upper airways

The effectiveness of these cures to cure us of colds and flu is provided by the drugs based on paracetamol that contain active ingredients for antipyretic and analgesic activity and not anti-inflammatory as otherwise many people think. The fact that it can also be administered to infants may well explain its efficacy and safety, as we mentioned earlier it can be purchased by prescription certainly but also freely. One of the best known is tachifludec because of its decongestant action on the upper airways.

Carefully check the contraindications: who can and how they should take it

Tachifludec should be taken at 4-6 hour intervals for up to 3 times a day, dissolving the sachet in warm water . It seems superfluous to emphasize that since these are medicines, they should not be used recklessly to avoid facing overdose contraindications such as nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain. Not everyone can take tachifludec then: its use is strongly discouraged for those with severe hepatocellular insufficiency, children younger than 12, those taking beta-blockers, and those with liver or kidney failure. Maximum attention then, it is always recommended to read the famous 'bugiardino' inside the package.

Paracetamol also used to fight Covid fever

Certainly careful use and prescribed by the attending physician must use it pregnant women, this type of paracetamol is not contraindicated during gestation but maximum caution will be needed in the administration during times of pregnancy precisely as well as those of lactation. We live in a time of pandemic, and we have often heard about acetaminophen even to lower fever in the presence of Covid, in consultation with the doctor of course. Then there will be no need to fear the arrival of the warm season and the flu it will bring with it: there are medications ready to combat the feverish state or even the cold And coughing in a major way.

Tachifludec that can be purchased in pharmacies or even those online

The last two years have been quite peculiar, and influenza has been viewed with greater fear by many people. However, medicine confirms the great strides taken and the important results achieved, see the effectiveness of paracetamol in general and tachifludec in particular. You can buy it in any pharmacy and for those who are familiar with technology and internet browsing also in the online pharmacy.