What the eye contour is for and how to apply it

What the eye contour is for and how to apply it

That the face is delicate is well known by now: wind, humidity, rain, sun and all the movements of the facial muscles only subject the skin to great stress. This continuous strain results in wrinkles, loss of radiance and premature aging of the facial skin. Preventing and soothing these clear signs in advance is therefore the right strategy to take care of one's appearance, avoiding all the blemishes that worry men and women.

The most delicate part of the face

The entire face is constantly subjected to strong stressors, which can leave indelible marks on it. The eye contour, more specifically, turns out to be one of the parts of the face most subjected to these actions, proving to be as fragile as the lip contour. The skin of the area surrounding the eyes is, in fact, very thin, and this factor makes it even more vulnerable than other equally exposed areas of the body.

In fact, this fragility results in at least three blemishes, which can affect this part of the face to varying degrees: puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. Puffiness are those swellings that appear right under the eyes, giving them that dull look that so worries women and men alike. In contrast, dark circles under the eyes are those dark, bluish to purple halos surrounding the eyes, which become more and more pronounced as we age.

Finally, the most feared blemish by women and men alike is certainly wrinkles, those crow's feet that are a clear sign of age and the strain the skin of the face has been subjected to.

How to take care of the eye area

In order to protect such a delicate area of the face, a few tricks can be followed, among which the use of an eye cream certainly stands out, although it should be used judiciously, without overdoing it. In fact, even a miracle anti-wrinkle eye contour can prove harmful to one's skin if one ends up using it too frequently and in copious amounts. In any case, these products, when designed specifically to care for the blemishes peculiar to the area around the eyes, prove more effective than overuse of concealer and foundation to mask wrinkles and dark circles.

On balance, an anti-wrinkle eye contour proves to be of strategic importance for the care of one's face, but on its own it may not be enough. Proper hydration of one's body, ensured by drinking the most appropriate amount of water, can only help prevent problems such as wrinkles and puffiness. In addition, if many of the problems related to puffiness and dark circles are related to blood circulation in the area around the eyes, sometimes massaging this same area can be enough to improve blood flow and prevent or delay the occurrence of these problems.

One could therefore take up this healthy habit in the morning, precisely to facilitate microcirculation with just a few gestures.

Even in case you decide to massage yourself, you can proceed with the application of the best inexpensive eye contour, which can then be accompanied by other natural products, such as currant, lemon or almond vegetable oils, or, again, chamomile and apple compresses. A proper diet, rich in water and fruit, and a regular sleep-wake cycle, with at least seven or eight hours of sleep, continuing, also help prevent blemishes around the eyes, especially puffiness. Specifically, one should limit alcohol intake, favoring water intake for proper hydration.

Finally, moving away from cigarettes helps prevent cellular aging.

A proper beauty routine

While massages and the application of oils and anti-wrinkle creams around the eyes are essential steps in caring for the face, it is equally true that other expedients are also of paramount importance. In the first place, special attention also passes through the makeup and cosmetics usually applied to the face and that it is necessary to carefully remove at the end of the day. These cosmetics should also be used sparingly, especially waterproof ones, because they are more difficult to remove, given their resistance.

In this case, care should be taken not to rub and damage the skin of the face.

Caution and gentleness are also required in the application of eye creams, which do not need to be slathered on the skin as one does with other products: a lighter, less aggressive application may in fact suffice, which is necessary to keep the face healthy and radiant.

Finally, a tip to keep in mind especially as the hotter and sunnier summer season approaches is to pay attention to sunscreen. This caution applies as much to the skin and creams usually used to protect them from UVA and UV rays as it does to the eyes, which should be protected with quality sunglasses. In the latter case, palliatives such as glasses with dark lenses of little value should be avoided.

Only in this way can the skin maintain its elasticity: losing this natural quality is the first step to the formation of those wrinkles that both men and women try to combat.