Stomach acidity if it continues consult your doctor

Stomach acidity, if it continues consult your doctor

Stomach acidity is an acute or chronic disorder characterized by excessive production of gastric acid that can cause irritation or inflammation of the stomach lining.

This is why the sensation of acidity is felt at the retro-sternal level.

It can be due to various different factors such as:

  • A hectic and stressful lifestyle
  • Poor eating habits such as too large meals; consumption of certain foods that stimulate acidity (such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, wine, tomatoes, red meat, and so on); lying down after eating; exercising after eating
  • taking medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

In addition to the sensation of acidity and burning, other symptoms such as acidic belching and vomiting of acidic material, nausea and almost always burning may occur.

You can therefore solve the problem Avoiding the consumption of certain foods that can irritate the gastric mucosa such as, among others, citrus fruits, spices, packaged foods, alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks and so on.

Instead, consume rice, whole wheat pasta, apples and bananas as fruits, boiled vegetables, lean meat and fish. Also try to live a quiet and peaceful life, exercise and limit the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Resort, as needed, to therapeutic solutions with a buffering action that can reduce excess gastric acidity and balance the pH of the stomach.

If symptoms persist even after taking medication (recommended by your pharmacist or doctor), consult your doctor or a specialist again for investigations, as the situation may worsen or have worsened over time.

Acidity could result, for example, in gastric hyperacidity, which results in more or less deep erosion of the inner lining of the stomach, leading to the onset of gastric ulcer, the appearance of localized pain and burning in the upper and middle region of the abdomen, feeling of pressure, heaviness or emptiness in the stomach.