The determined retraining strategy put in place by the ASL's corporate management intended this time for various internal professionals such as psychologists, physicians, nurses, social workers and professional educators continues.

After the greetings of the General Director Salvatore Squarcione and the Health Director Giuseppe Quintavalle , the organizational hubs and scientific stimuli that the law n.328/00 (“Framework law for the implementation of the integrated system of interventions and social services”) poses in terms of the organizational culture of service, attempting possible pathways to respond to the complexities of the serviceà of the many social and health issues.

The norm, in fact, institutionalizes and formalizes the planning, design and implementation of social policies, through a series of actions aimed at building an INTEGRATED NETWORK OF INTERVENTIONS, to be implemented through the Area Plans, i.e., programmatic documents functional to an effective and efficient planning, which are annually agreed and signed in the district sphere between Local Authorities and ASL.

Fundamental in this area are the possible participatory contributions of the private Social, School System and all representative organizations of citizens (Unions, etc.).

In particular, it should be noted that the working methodology, used by the operators of ASL ROMA F for a decade now, è that of planning, including economic planning, and project work, accompanied by an activityà Of documentation, monitoring and evaluation of the work done.
In the F1 district, they participate in this activityà the social services of Tolfa, Allumiere, Santa Marinella and Civitavecchia (which è also the lead municipality), the ASL, the private social sector and representatives of some associations.

L’initiative è organized by the COORDINATION AND REALIZATION OF COMPANY TRAINING PROJECTS AND EVENTS in the’scope of the U.O.S. Training and Professional Development of the ASL ROMA F, with the Scientific Direction of the d.ssa Anna Rita Mattera.