IVF what it is

IVF, which is what it’s

Having a child is the crowning love of many couples but also of many singles who feel the need to become parents and care for a child.

In order to fulfill this desire for love or when it becomes difficult for a couple to conceive naturally (for various reasons or issues), one can turn to specialized treatments that make it possible, if they are successful, to realize one's dream and give birth to a new life.

One such treatment is IVF

One such treatment is the IVF, in vitro fertilization, that is, the union of the egg with the sperm (from the donor or spouse) carried out in the laboratory (in vitro, in fact) to obtain already fertilized embryos to be transferred into the mother's uterus.

If you opt for this treatment, the first thing that is done in licensed clinics is a prior examination of the patient, with analysis of her medical "history" (reports, any previous treatments) and a thorough gynecological examination.

Possibly male semen is also studied. Thus, with all this information, specialists can recommend the most appropriate treatment.

The first phase is a controlled ovarian stimulation which is aimed at obtaining eggs that will later be fertilized in vitro to obtain embryos.

Once obtained, the embryos will be kept in culture for 5-6 days, and after this period, one of the embryos will be implanted in the mother's uterus and the others will be preserved for future.

IVF results in higher pregnancy rates than other assisted reproductive treatments (such as artificial insemination or programmed coitus).