Civitavecchia – Once the T emergency has returned

Civitavecchia – The T’emergency has returned.A.C at St. Paul’s

In reference to the’sudden unavailability of the equipment for the T.A.C. from the San Paolo Hospital in Civitavecchia on Jan. 27 and resolved yesterday, the ASL informed that CT services not performed during the downtime period were immediately relocated to the session scheduled for today, Saturday, Jan. 31/2015 from 2 p.m.00.

There were 18 services suspended on 27/01/15, and in the recoveries made there are 5 services revoked by the same users, 1 service, the most urgent one, moved to 29/01/2015 and already performed, and 13 services already relocated.

Next Monday, in addition, the company charged with solving the problem for good, will carry out the technical inspection for the’installation of the UPS, (the device that will cover the sudden power outages that are at the root of the CT’s repeated blackouts), an installation that should take place precisely within a few days.

Company management, apologizes for what happened, pointing out that the unpredictability of the technical failure was compensated for by the prompt response of the relevant departments, in a spirit of extreme care to the health needs of citizens, which is then the guideline on which the whole work of upgrading the Company&#8217s public health activities in the hospital and in the territory is hinging.

Finally, it is emphasized how much effort has been made to make up for the sudden and unpredictable shortage as quickly as possible, and how much inconvenience to users has been minimized even in view of individual pathologies.