Tanning how to maintain a tan for a long time

Tanning: how to maintain a tan for a long time

Now that summer is drawing to a close, many people have finally achieved the perfect tan and want their complexion to last as long as possible. Remember that it is good to be in the sun at set times precisely to avoid the hottest peaks.

But how to maintain a tan for a long time?

First, for personal hygiene, it is best to prefer showers to hot and prolonged baths precisely because hot water promotes skin desquamation.

Instead, with lukewarm water in the shower, you can get firm, supple skin.

Also, as a general rule, to dry the skin, it is best just to dab and not to insist on rubbing with a sponge because this may result in a loss of complexion.

At the end of the wash, however, use some tan prolonging creams mostly based on essential oils that moisturize, and not alcohol-based that might accelerate flaking.

You can instead scrub, and indeed it is recommended, precisely because it removes dead cells but it is better to prefer a product that is not too aggressive; at the end of this practice, abound with moisturizer or cream that prolongs the tan.

You can also create oil mixes to spread on the skin such as olive oil and avocado together (or soybean oil and walnuts and avocado) to have an all-natural and very moisturizing product.

Another shrewdness to adopt, if you want to maintain your tan for a long time, is to abandon the use of air conditioning which, few people know, is responsible for the loss of the tan.

While giving coolness, it dries the skin a lot going to affect the very first layer, that is the tanned one.

Finally, if you still have the opportunity to go to the beach to enjoy the last flashes of sun, this can be really good to further strengthen the tan.

Whenever you expose yourself to the sun, take care of your diet by eating plenty of carotene-rich products and hydrate yourself by drinking at least two liters of water.