Stomach acidity what it comes from

Stomach acidity, what it stems from

L'stomach acidity o Gastric acidity is an acute or chronic condition characterized by excessive production of gastric acid that can cause irritation or inflammation to the stomach lining.

Stomach pain and acidity is a common complaint, so much so that one can suffer from it at any age, even once a month.

The causes Can be traced to:

  • hectic lifestyle
  • stress
  • Poor eating habits (too large meals, excessive coffee and/or alcohol consumption, lying down after a meal, too fast or inadequate chewing)
  • intake of medications (all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • intake of acidic foods
  • pregnancy

Usually stomach acidity arises as an uncomfortable aching and burning sensation noticeable in the upper abdomen.

Acidic belching and vomiting of acidic material, nausea and almost always burning may occur.

To solve the problem of stomach acidity, it is good to eliminate all of the above bad habits and avoid consuming foods that are acidic to the stomach lining including citrus fruits, spices, packaged foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, spicy or high-fat foods.

Foods to favor when suffering from stomach acidity include rice, whole wheat pasta, fruits such as apples or bananas that are not acidic, boiled vegetables, lean meat or fish (both steamed or boiled).

Among the possible remedies there is definitely that of living as quiet a life as possible, limiting stress and nervousness.

Regular physical activity is also recommended precisely to relieve nervous and muscular tension.

Also avoid, if possible, taking anti-inflammatory drugs and use as needed therapeutic solutions with a buffering action that can reduce excess gastric acidity and rebalance the pH of the stomach, always consulting your doctor or pharmacist.