San Carlo di Nancy Hospital at the forefront with prevention

St. Charles de Nancy Hospital in the forefront with prevention, diagnosis and treatment paths dedicated to women's health

Increases every year the number of Italian hospitals committed to the promotion of gender medicine that stand out for offering services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major women's diseases. Among them is the San Carlo di Nancy Hospital in Rome, an area general hospital of GVM Care & Research accredited with the SSN that received today from Fondazione Onda a Pink Stamp for the biennium 2020-2021. The Bollini Rosa (Pink Stamps) represent the recognition that Fondazione Onda, the National Observatory on Women's and Gender Health, has been awarding since 2007 to hospitals that pay attention to women's health.

Multidisciplinary approach to women's health

St. Charles de Nancy Hospital has distinguished itself for a multidisciplinary approach to women's health: specialists in Gynecology, Urology, Senology and Diagnostics collaborate to design services and pathways for prevention, diagnosis and treatment specific to women's diseases.

"We promote multidisciplinary initiatives and pathways with the aim of enabling early diagnosis of major diseases affecting women," declares Dr. Laura La Barbera.ssa Laura La Barbera, a radiologist at the Department of Gynecology at the San Carlo di Nancy Hospital -. For the past few years, we have already been adhering to the Pink October campaign, which provides free mammography for all patients aged 45 to 49 who are not age eligible for regional screening. All patients, in addition, undergo mammography, breast examination and ultrasound and, in case of suspicious outcomes, continue with us on the path of further investigation with needle aspiration or breast biopsy, with histological diagnosis and conclusive multidisciplinary evaluation in maximum 15 days.

We have specific pathways in the areas of endocrinology, osteoporosis and pathologies involving pelvic floor dysfunction, which affect not only menopausal patients but also those facing possible discomfort after childbirth.

Very important is the diagnostic and therapeutic pathway

Finally, very important is the diagnostic-therapeutic pathway for the prevention and treatment of endometriosis, a disease that afflicts about 3 million women in Italy, but to date still little known and often underestimated, so much so that there is a delay in diagnosis of 7 years. At the San Carlo di Nancy Hospital, the patient is followed by a multidisciplinary team with high professionalism for all pathologies affecting the female sphere. This reduces diagnostic and therapeutic time and allows patients to be managed from diagnosis, to treatment, to follow-up.".

The evaluation of hospital facilities and the awarding of the Pink Stamps took place following the validation of a special multidisciplinary committee considering qualitative elements of particular relevance and the result obtained in the different specialist areas presented.

Three criteria by which candidate hospitals were evaluated

Three criteria were used to evaluate candidate hospitals: the presence of clinical specialties that treat specifically female health issues and cross-gender pathologies that require differentiated pathways; the presence of diagnostic and therapeutic pathways and clinical care services that can ensure an effective approach in relation to the patient's psycho-physical needs and characteristics; and finally, the availability of services aimed at ensuring adequate reception and hospitalization of women including volunteer support, cultural mediation, and social assistance.

"The 9th edition of the Pink Stamps renews Onda's commitment to promoting women-friendly services and pathways in all specialist areas," says Francesca Merzagora, Onda president. Quality and appropriateness of services provided by the National Health Service, indispensable elements to ensure uniformity of access to services, are highlighted by hospitals with Pink Stamps, which are evaluated and rewarded by highlighting the specialties with the greatest epidemiological impact in the area of women's health, dedicated services and pathways as well as reception and accompaniment to women."