Eur – Project Young at school for safety and first aid with the red cross and civi protection

Eur – Young Project, at school for safety and first aid with the Red Cross and Civil Defense

The Euroma2 Shopping Center, in collaboration with the City Hall IX and the Italian Red Cross have presented in the Capitol the Project YOUNG 2016. The initiative consists of a set of educational meetings and practical exercises, with the aim of disseminating the main notions of first aid, civic education and road safety among the youngest. The goal of the training course is to develop even in the youngest children the skills to implement self-protection behaviors functional to the dissemination of the culture of safety.

The Press Conference for the presentation of the Project, which took place in the Sala della Protomoteca packed with children, representatives of institutions and press organs, saw the intervention of the President of the Euroma2 Consortium Davide Maria Zanchi, the President of the Municipality IX Eur Andrea Santoro and the Chairman of the Rome Municipal CRI Committee 9 John Izzo. Present at the meeting, the Councillor for Social, Health, Education and Legality Policies Luisa Laurelli and the organizer of the initiative, Roberto Cappello of the CRI.

The Project, which started on March 7 in the elementary school of Municipalities VIII- IX – X, is promoted by the Municipality IX in collaboration with the Euroma2 Shopping Center, Italian Red Cross Municipal Committee 9 of Rome, Civil Defense Group Municipality IX Rome Camelot Prociv Arci and Traffic School Park S.I.C.E.S s.r.l. Rome Eur.

Dedicated to fifth-grade primary school students, the Young Project is implemented by the Italian Red Cross, with the help of professionals from the Road Safety and Civil Defense sector. The educational course includes a classroom training meeting, where first aid concepts and explanations of road safety regulations are explained. Specifically, first aid refers to those behaviors to be observed in case of emergencies, such as the general assessment of an accident, the call for help, and the actions that can be taken to resolve uncomplicated situations, such as dressing a small wound.

Following the classroom training, April 4 to 8 at the spaces of the Euroma2 Shopping Center, children will be called to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired, being able to “field test” what they have learned in specific areas dedicated to first aid, under the supervision of the men and women of the Italian Red Cross. Pupils will, in addition, be able to try their hand at traffic education simulations, driving along circuits and routes to be tackled with electric cars, set up by the Traffic School Park in the upper B parking lot of the Shopping Center. On the same days, Civil Defense personnel will be present to offer useful tips and advice in case of emergencies.

All pupils will receive gadgets created for the occasion, such as colorful caps, first aid manuals – road safety education, and a symbolic driver’s license issued at the end of the training.

Young Project has been joined by approx 2000 students fifth graders from elementary school in different neighborhoods of Rome, from Tintoretto to Malafede. This year, 30 Comprehensive Institutes were involved, translated into 60 classes e 155 teachers.

Euroma2’s initiatives aimed at children continue the April 9- 10, when the project will be held at the shopping center Puppet Hospital, which aims to bring children between the ages of 2 and 8 into contact with the most common medical practices and the world of healthcare. Objective of the project, designed by the students of the SISM – Italian Secretariat for Medical Students at Torvergata University, is the improvement of the relationship with the figure of the doctor and, in general, with the hospital environment, thus reducing the stress that is very often created in the child towards doctors.

The YOUNG Project is part of a broader vision, embraced by the Euroma2 Shopping Center, which stands as a concrete Partner of local institutions in social and cultural initiatives. Support Culture, actively collaborate in important social projects, assist institutions in a path dedicated to civic education and much more, are indispensable aspects of growth of the territory and its citizens, starting from the youngest.